Height: 4ft. 7in.
Weight: 103 lbs.
Debut Comic: ???
Age: 1,500

Aries is the god of hell and darkness. He was abandoned as a child and the former student of Gyaos.

APPEARANCE: Aries looks like a red and grey PedoRabbit with many details and patterns on his body. His hands seem to have web-like designs and his orange eyes have purple scars running through them. Aries also has the underworld logo on his stomach and head.

SKILL: Aries, being the god of hell and darkness, can perform many powerful tricks. He can make shadows come to life and he can harness the power of fire, burning miles of the earth to crisps. He can also possess his opponents like his other underworld partner, Tarnation.

FAMILY: Aries' family is unknown to this date. All we can say is that his teacher is Gyaos.


  • Aries is the name of a small constellation representing a ram.
  • Aries is thought to be Tarnation's brother because of their resemblance in appearance and personality, but this is proven false
  • Aries once was the mascot of MCdonald's before his yellow color was changed.