DISTO: FINAL WARS is voted the #1 best movie ever. It is also the last comic of the millennium era.


PLOT: It all starts off with Gyaos the thunder god staring at earth and plotting to destroy it. He sends Gigalastic to Earth, who wrecks the city and fights disto. Gyaos then releases telepathic brainwashing waves across the world, mind-bending all characters. But that's not all! Gyaos even revives all Disto and Lastic's enemies! Lastic, the only one who isn't brainwashed, ( he was to busy fapping ) has to fight off everyone. He leaves the brainwashed good guys unconscious and the bad guys dead. Lastic eventually fights his way to Gyaos. There they have a battle, but Lastic is easily flattened! Disto arrives. Now with more control of his body, he helps out Lastic, but despte the teamwork, both are beaten. But what's this? The original Disto and Lastic arrive, and they all kick Gyaos's ass! After that, The Originals return to their dimensions with their time machine. Disto and Lastic are making sure all unconscious victims are alive. But at the very end, a flaming figure floats in space, symbolizing the start of a new era very soon...

REVIEWS: "5 star rating!"- New York Times "Breathtaking work of art!"- Comic Club

MAIN CHARACTERS: Disto, Lastic, Gyaos, originalastic, origidisto, Gigalastic