Disto: The Undeniable is the first ever movie to be drawn in Joe's desk co. comics. It is also considered to be one of the best ones yet.

PLOT: In 1993, Afghanistan threatened Japan into a war. General Krillin was troubled by fear, and out of desperation, started working on a weapon that would take years to make. He had to make human sacrifices, and used nuclear energy to power up the soon-to-be-called Oxygen Destroyer. Eventually It came to success, but could end the war with both sides devastated. Krillin gave up and began to work on a bomb instead. Months after the war ended, an even bigger threat faced Japan. Disto emerged from japan's ocean, and immediately wrecked the place. The government then dug up the Oxygen Destroyer, and killed of the disto.

REVIEWS: "A perfect plot with epic twists!"- New York Times "The most original movie, and one of the best!"- Golden Award Company

"A classic ending and a random story!"- Author of "Drone"

"It may take more than we have to defeat this slob!"- General Krillin "Engage!!!"- General Sabbathah "You leave our country alone, and we will do likewise"- president "IT'S GOOEY!!!"- random guy "Face it. He's Undeniable"- General Krillin

MAIN CHARACTERS: General Krillin General Sabbathah Disto ( ancestor ) Miku