Distone appears to be a rock version of Disto, except stronger! Distone is a Tyler'sdeskco. character, so he obviously is badass.

Height: 3ft. 3in.
Weight: 502 lbs
Debut Comic: Disto Final Wars ***
Age:  22
      • Dstone appeared WAY before in a Tylersdeskco comic. Final Wars is a joesdeskco comic.

APPEARENCE: Distone looks like disto, except, well, made of stone! He has more blocky-like arms, as well as his body. His mouth is a little more crooked with visible "teeth", and along with his eyes, and his mouth is blue. He has a greyish color.

SKILL: Distone can harden itself at any moment, increasing his defense, too. He also bears disto's abilities, such as shapeshifting and nonstop eating. 

FAMILY: Distone shares no blood with anyone.


  • Distone is the first character to die in FINAL WARS.
  • Distone is actually not plastic's brother. They share to blood with eachother.
  • Distone's name comes frome Disto and stone.
  • Distone was originally planned to be left out in iron fist.