Lastic's Newest appearance

Lastic is one of the strongest characters in the millennium era of disto. He is also a survivor of the pedorabbit extinction.

Height: 4ft. 6in.
Weight: 99 lbs.
Debut Comic: Apocolastic
Age: 22

Appearence: Lastic resembles an evil-looking blue rabbit, with a long "appendage" running down his back. He has two scars on his eyes, two yellow cheek spots, and two bands on his arms. Hence his name, lastic is made kut of elastic. you can also see his family emblems covering parts of his body, like tattoos.

Skills: Lastic can stretch his arms for as long as 69 feet! He can also use alchemy, fire lazers, and jump impressive heights.

Family: Lastic is the adopted brother of disto, boyfriend of lastica, and the son of J.U.D.G.E. Lastic also has a blood related twin brother named mustang. Lastic is also revealed to be SPOILER ALERT!SPOILER ALERT! (the brother of ginger and redhead) SPOILER ALERT! Lastic has no relationship with the happy go-lucky original lastic.


  • Lastic once could shapeshift just like disto, but this ability was removed to keep it exclusive to him.
  • Lastic once could have went super saiyan, but this abilty was forgotten.
  • It was once said that Lastic was disto's older brother, but this is proven false.
  • Rumors went on that the comic Lastic VS Disto had an alternate ending (in which the tyler'sdeskco version he won and in the joe'sdeskco version Disto won), but In both editions lastic one.
  • Lastic made a cameo appearance in WAR OF THE LASTICS in which he was killed right away.
  • In shot clock, lastic appeared in Roydra's dream, telling him to watch porn.
  • Lastic is the only character to have more than 35 forms! (disto has 29)
  • Lastic is now confirmed a Digimon. Nobody expected this at all!