Plastic is an evil version of Lastic. He is created by Tyler'sdeskco comics, so he is obviously badass.

Height: 4ft. 5in.
Weight: 102 lbs.
Debut Comic: "Disto Final Wars" ***
Age: 22
      • Plastic appeared in Disto: Final Wars as a joe's deskco comic. He appeared WAY before in tylersdeskco.

APPEARENCE: Plastic looks like a mixture of Elas and Lastic. He has a red stretchy body with white wrist bands and white cheek spots. He also has a long appendage running down his back connected to the head, much like other pedorabbits. Plastic has a unique spot on his head. Unlike Lastic, Plastic is made of, well, PLASTIC!

SKILLS: Plastic can harden himself just like Distone, increasing defense. Plastic also has all of Lastic's abilities, like stretching and molding.

FAMILY: Plastic has no family whatsoever.


  • Next to Distone, Plastic is the second character to die in FINAL WARS.
  • Plastic was created by Octamuss, just like Distone, but both share no blood or DNA.
  • Plastic was once the main charcter of Tyler'sdeskco. comics (which are epic) for a while along with Distone. They later were changed back to Lastic and Disto.
  • Plastic may have been made after the image of Elas, but nobody knows for sure.