Red-Head is the brother of Lastic and Ginger and the son of JUDGE. He was trained in Germany in which he turned evil.

Height: 4ft. 2in.
Weight: 98 lbs.
Debut Comic: "Rise of the Rebellion"
Age: 21

APPEARENCE: Redhead looks like an insane male version of Ginger. He has orange hair, a green sweater with blue pants, and white rubber gloves. Redhead's eyes are huge and twitching.

SKILL: Redhead is incredibly smart despite his insane personality. He can fight in combat very well and he can also use guns exceptionally well. Redhead can fire small ki blasts.

FAMILY: Redhead's brother is Lastic, his sister is Ginger, and his Father is JUDGE.


  • RedHead has a german accent in which he developed in his early days.
  • Judge neglected and abused Redhead, making him insane.