The Udder Incident, the most suspicious event of all. Perhaps it wasn't an event, but a series of events! Maybe it didn't happen at all!

The Tyler's desk co. and Joe's desk co. investigators teamed up and decided to research on the udder incident. Here is a list of possible explanations:

THE ZOO Disto and Lastic visited the zoo in one comic. Lastic said he went to see the cows, but never returned. Disto found lastic in a corner, covered in milk. Possible explanation: Lastic went to see the cows, but they perhaps attacked him and drowned him in udder milk.

LASTIC AND DISTO VS PLASTIC AND DISTONE In one comic, Lastic and Disto fought Plastic and Distone. In the middle of the battle, plastic through lastic over a cliff, and lastic wasn't seen for two chapters! Later, he is found returning to the battlefield, drenched in milk and missing an arm. When Disto asked for what happened, Lastic replied by saying: "I don't want to talk about it!". Possible explanation: We have no fucking idea.

THE X FORCE Tylastic is ready to confront his long lost enemy, Pokey the cow. Distjoe then "reminds" Tylastic of a horrible moment by saying, "Remember the udder incident?". This cause Tylastic to cancel the confrontation. Possible explanation: This gives a hint that the incident did, in fact, happen. However, no clues about the actual incident are given.

ZOMBIES In one comic, Lastic and Disto are fighting off zombies. Lastic spots a zombie cow, claiming it as "food", and approaches it. He later returns, covered in milk much like the other incidents. Possible explanation: Lastic went to kill the cow,, but it squirted him with milk.

So that's all we have so far. This investigation WILL continue, but for now we must rest the case, waiting for more moments.