Torture the Squids is the band that Lastic formed along with Lariat, Disto, and Ginger. It is also a hint of the new era, considering the fact that their appearences changed drastically.


Lastic is the manager of the band and the one who does all the singing. He is very patient with the other members, and tries to hold in his anger everytime disto eats an instrument.

Lariat is the drummer of the band. He always hits on Ginger, but they broke up a while ago.

Ginger is the Guitarist of the band and the second in command. She acts quite bossy to everyone.

Disto is the Secondary singer. Although Disto comes up with the lyrics, He acts like a total retard sometimes, which leads to the band being labeled as a failure.

TRIVIA: • Many personalities changed once the band was formed. Lastic became more calm and compose, Disto became more smarter, (in language), and Ginger became more sarcastic and mean.