Trash is the cousin of Disto and Lastic. He is the most strangest character yet, judging by the fact that he "barks" to communicate. Netherless, Trash is always around to help his cousins.

Height: 3ft. 2in.
Weight: 134 lbs.
Debut Comic: ???
Age: 20

APPEARENCE: Trash looks like a green melting blob. His eyes are huge and mean-looking despite his happy and helpful attitude. The inside of his mouth is pinkish and his tongue is pretty big. The best way to describe him is like the cookie monster in a green blob-form.

SKILLS: Trash can blast supersonic waves through barking noises. These paralyze his opponents. He cannot shapeshift like all other blobs can, since he never went to transformation school.

FAMILY: Trash is the cousin of Disto and Lastic, making him the nephew of the Immortal Black Lady.


  • In one comic, Trash spoke clearly saying, "We must all except what happened today. Death is a normal common way of life..".

To their suprise, Disto and Lastic stared at Trash, but he just said, " I mean, ARRAGHRARAGAHARARARAR!!"

  • Trash cannot transform.
  • Trash may be weird, but he actually can pack a huge power level of 125,000! This rivals that of Lariat!